About us

Who we are

We started London For You in 2013 because we wanted to share and spread our love and excitement of this great and vibrant city. The history of London started 2,000 years ago and you still can see some remains of those early days. The history is everywhere, it's around you. Every building, every corner, every stone has its own story.

London has been through many things: conquests, great fire, plagues, civil wars, world wars but it survived and prosper no matter what life throws at it. London remains one of the busiest city in the world, one of the main financial, political and cultural centres.

We are group of entusiast obsessed with love for London. We already know a lot about it's great history but every time you learn something new.

What we do

We do offer personalised London tours including all well know and must-see tourist attractions:

  • Westminster Palace (Houses of Parlament) and Big Ben
  • No 10 of Downing Street, Whitehall
  • Trafalgar Square and National Gallery
  • Leister square and Chinatown
  • Soho and Covent garden
  • Oxford circus and Regent's street
  • and many many other places

Also we prepared some treats for you - exclusive tours about hidden gems of London: mysterious trapliers, writers and art gallaries, theatre of London from William Shakespeare till our days, history of tea and coffee and so much more...

Why pick us

We offer wide range of exclusive guided tours around London. Our guides are experienced professionals. London attract millions and millions of people every year from all around the world. All our guides are professionally trained with a degree in history or art.